5 Best Bands You May Not Know

In the recent days, I have discovered many small bands that I had never heard of before and just fell in love with after the first note. Their songs are the ones that play on a shuffle playlist in the background that made you perk your ears up and smile. I have found many of these, but I’ve picked 5 that really stood out to me and have been on repeat on my iPod. Here are the 5 best bands you may not know… but should!

1. Bronze Radio Returnth

Okay, so I may not have just discovered these guys, but not many people know them, which is sad. Bronze was a band of the day on the BOTD app a while back, and after hearing their song, Shake Shake Shake, for the first time, I had to listen to the rest of their stuff. Their music is very poppy, and makes you want to just get up and dance, but maintains their indie rock roots. I’m actually very surprised that they’re not bigger, as they pack a damn good selection of tracks. I highly recommend you check them out, and to help you with that endevor, you can download a FREE sampler of their catalogue on Noisetrade.

2. The Griswoldsthe_griswolds

These guys I did just discover, and I’m glad I did! The Griswolds are a five-piece indie rock band that has been called, and I agree should be known as, an Australian Vampire Weekend. Their music is very Vamp Weekend-esque. Though, they manage to throw in little bits of Mumford & Sons like folk to the mixture that just tops the cake. The first song I heard by these Sydney natives was their most well-known song, Mississippi. Again, this is one of those songs that makes you perk up you ears when you hear it. Check these guys out! And because the internet is cool, grab Heart of a Lion EP FREE (and legally) here.

3. Little Cometsinsearchoflittlecomets

I could have seen these guys live, as they were touring with Atlas Genius on the tour I attended. There were two possibilities for the openers: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., and Little Comets. It ended up being Dale (and I’m not complaining. Dale Earnhardt put on one of the, if not the, most energetic sets I’ve seen), however seeing Little Comets would’ve been an amazing way to discover them. Better late than never. Little Comets, simply put, is pure indie/alt. Guitar, drums, great lyrics, and a ton of energy. I think anyone could enjoy these guys. I certianly enjoyed them when I first heard their track, Dancing Song, and have been enjoying them ever since. Grab a sampler for FREE here!

4. The Oh HellosThe-Oh-Hellos

Now we enter territory for those of you who would die for Mumford & Sons. I, honestly, wasn’t in that boat. I was more of an indie rock guy. However, I did appreciate Mumford, mind you. Then, I discovered these guys, and my ears opened to this folky sound. The Oh Hellos combine foot-tapping acoustics to beautiful choral words and harmony to create something I instantly loved and loved again. Valley (Reprise) for me is a perfect example, but to really enjoy them as a whole, grab their entire album FREE here! Thank you, Oh Hellos!

5. MisterWivesreflections-560x560

This last band holds a very special place in my heart. I did not just discover this amazing Brooklyn unit. Rather, I met them last month and have followed them intently ever since. MisterWives is pop. If you want hard hitting guitar riffs and smashing drums, this probably isn’t something you’d usually listen to, but I guarantee you will love them all the same! The lead singer, Mandy Lee, has an amazing voice (and is a very sweet person too, by the way!). Her unique sound tops all their songs, and the poppy feel and dancability of every track provided by the rest of the band lays what seems to me a perfect sound that will carry them very far in the future. Their new EP, Reflections, has already been featured on multiple music blogs and praised by such as MTV Buzzworthy and more! (Thanks for the Twitter follow, by the way, MTV!) It is available now on iTunes, so grab it while it’s hot here!

I hope through this, you have discovered one, two, or maybe even five bands to fan-girl over in the future. I know I have! (I’m looking at you, MisterWives!) Check back often, because I plan to post a lot more things similar to this. Also, please, if you know of any bands that are small, and not so often heard of, let me know in the comments below so I can give them a listen! I’m always looking for new music suggestions! Happy listening, everyone!

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