Lord Huron w/ Night Moves – Concert Review

Lord Huron w/ Night Moves
Wonder Ballroom


The Wonder Ballroom hosted a sold out crowd on Wednesday night for Michigan native band Lord Huron, accompanied by Night Moves, hailing from Minneapolis. There was much confusion regarding the night’s opener. The tickets, when purchased, stated that the band was Night Beds, however resources later stated that the opening act was one Night Moves. The line outside the doors stated their confusion, however it ended up that the opener was in fact Night Moves. Sorry, Night Beds fans.

As always, I grabbed a front row, far left spot and awaited Night Moves to take the stage. Night Moves was not a highlight for me. They were interesting for the first few songs, however I quickly got bored with their sound. Every song ran into the other, and I didn’t sense too much variation in their music. I was quite entertained by the lead singer’s moves onstage though. It kept me awake until the main act.

Watching Lord Huron’s groupies set up, I began to get very excited. It’s cool to see so much variation in instruments, ranging from keys to electric guitar, full rock drum set to a set of bongos and a tambourine. The whole stage soon began to fill with a low fog that seeped into the audience. The crowd cheered whenever there was a change in lighting (which I find funny at any show).

From when Lord Huron took the stage to when they left us after their highly requested encore, their energy never ceased. I love to see a band who, though slower and melodic on their albums, kick it up a notch to a headbanging rage when live. Dale Earnhardt was a lead example in this, and I will always refer to them as one of the best, most energetic shows I’ve seen. Lord Huron lived up to that.

The highlight of the night for me was watching drummer, Mark Barry, do his thing. He is one of the most talented drummers I’ve seen. With my spot, I got to watch him work clearly, as his drums were stationed within arms reach of me. Barry is able to do so much with percussion, simultaneously playing tambourine and maraca while banging the set with one stick. It all comes together to an effect that plays itself as one man playing multiple roles. It was quite a thing to see!

Overall, though the opener was below par for me, Lord Huron did what they do, and did it well!

Final Verdict: 8/10


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