Two Months Since… The Neighbourhood w/ Ghost Loft – Concert Review

The Neighbourhood w/ Ghost Loft
Crystal Ballroom

IMG_4596For the next two weeks on indie/alt, I will be revisiting last years December to Remember festival. It’s been two months, plenty of time to let all 5 nights sink in. Today is the first of February. That means that two months from today, I was at the first show of Dec2Rem: The NBHD.

The Neighbourhood put on a sold out performance at the Crystal for the December to Remember kickoff. This was my first time seeing them live, missing them at their performance for 94/7’s I Saw Them When. However, as I have heard, their Dec2Rem set far surpassed their ISTW. I’m glad I got the good end of the stick.

The night opened with the elusive Ghost Loft, whom nobody ever heard of and nobody really cared. Ghost Loft is one guy, in a ski mask, that stands over a laptop and pushes the keys to play heavily distorted versions of songs nobody knows. The crowd seemed to care less, and just talked amongst themselves instead of dancing and getting into it. I don’t think that was even possible.

On a better note, this gave for a great contrast to the amazing force soon to come with The Neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood is a wonderful blend of hip-hop, rock, alternative, pop, and everything good. They opened with one of my favorite songs off their album, Let It Go. Jessie, the lead singer of the band, had a sexual energy that just couldn’t be matched. Standing on the barricades, he’d lean into the audience and perform a hip roll of sorts to the beat of the song.

Not only was the sexual energy at a bar-setting level, but the all around energetic movement and performance The NBHD gave was just incredible. From awesome strobe to enhance the bands black-and-white fetish, to drum solos and audience participation, the Crystal couldn’t get enough of them.

Some highlights of the set for me include: Afraid, where the whole crowd delightfully joined in sticking their middle fingers in the air, and screaming the lyric, “Fuck you anyway!”, and, of course, the NBHD’s most popular, and just the same most overplayed song, Sweater Weather. Jessie literally stopped singing and just watched as the entire room let the song sing itself.

If this show was anything, it was just fun. I definitely hope to see some new music and more Portland shows from the band in the future.

With The Neighbourhood covered, and night one of Dec2Rem complete, the next Two Months Since… will be covering two shows, both that occurred on December 4th. Stay tuned for concert recaps of Lorde, and Arctic Monkeys, coming to indie/alt on February 4th.


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