St. Lucia w/ Sir Sly – Concert Review

St. Lucia w/ Sir Sly
Hawthorne Theater

1509297_738358652841031_606039165_nThere are a lot of bands who perform with energy. Ones who get the crowd pumped, and give a raging performance. When it comes to St. Lucia, their energy cannot be compared. They perform with such intense energy that can only be described as St. Lucia.

As everyone shuffled inside, a DJ going by the name of Sex Life cranked some tunes to keep the room entertained. While some DJ’s, such as Ghost Loft, bore the hell out of me, Sex Life actually played some good music and mixed it well. One highlight from his set was Haim’s My Song 5, my favorite song from one of my all-time favorite bands.

After Sex Life finished his DJ set, the show opened on full with Sir Sly. Sir Sly is almost guaranteed to go somewhere far in the future. Performing tracks off their EP, Gold, along with unreleased tracks teasing a full-length debut, Sir Sly gave a performance comparable to a mix of The Neighbourhood, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. I’m really looking forward to hearing a full album from these guys. With an EP as good as theirs, the LP should be amazing!

After Sir Sly finished warming the crowd up, the stage transformed into a tropical 80’s theme, complete with floral cloths, synths, keyboards, and even a fan to blow up toward the performers. I could tell just watching all the decor and equipment making it’s way out that this wouldn’t be an easily forgettable set.

My suspicions were confirmed when St. Lucia finally hit the stage, and the lights and wind and fog and synth took over. St. Lucia blasted everyone right into the 80’s, and had the whole crowd captivated by their untouchable energy.

With their most well-known track, Elevate, the leading man of St. Lucia, Jean-Philip Grobler, shouts into the crowd, “Jump with us!” The room happily obliged, jumping up and down in unison, making the entire building rock to the music.

The fan blows into Jean-Phillips’s hair, mirroring an 80’s pop show, and the spectacular lights behind them strobe the room full of color. To top it off, with the last note of their last track, Grobler hops on the drum and jumps off, diving onto the stage right when the lights cut off.

With their intense performance and unforgettable 80’s themed stage decor, St. Lucia makes their way on my list next to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. as one of the most entertaining bands to watch live. They’re not one you want to miss!


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