Two Months Since… Young the Giant w/ The Colourist & Morning Teleportation – Concert Review

Young the Giant w/ The Colourist & Morning Teleportation
Crystal Ballroom

IMG_4726On Friday, December 6th, the audience in attendance for the 6th night of December to Remember (once again sold out!) was treated not only to the billed Young the Giant and The Colourist, but a last-last minute addition of Tiger Merritt from Morning Teleportation.

While the crowd waited anticipating the dimming of lights and the entrance of the Orange County band, The Colourist, Mark Hamilton of 94/7 fame took to the stage to give us the news.

“Unfortunately, The Colourist is stuck in traffic,” he said. “They are trying to get here as fast as they can. However, in the meantime, we have a special treat for you tonight. Tiger Merritt from Morning Teleportation is going to play us a few songs.”

How lucky to have such talent just hanging out in the audience. I had never heard of Morning Teleportation up to that point, but I soon discovered what an amazing member they hold in Merritt. His acoustic guitar skills far surpassed my expectation. It caused me to have to check out the band further upon my return. I was not disappointed.

The Colourist soon arrived on scene, and set up in about 10 minutes. It was quite a sight to see. I was a fan of The Colourist prior to hearing they were opening for YTG, so I was very excited when I heard they’d be joining them. I was very impressed with their live performance.

I’m very inspired by their drummer, Maya. She has an amazing amount of talent, being able to sing and drum at the same time. This is hard, and requires a lot of coordination to master. Trust me, I’ve tried. She does it seamlessly.

The Colourist is very poppy, and despite the snow that kept them late, they performed with the feeling of California sunshine and flowers. It was a great opening for what everyone was there to see.

Young the Giant came on with force. They opened with Anagram, a song off their just recently released album, Mind Over Matter. At the time of the show, the songs from Mind Over Matter, aside from It’s About Time and Crystallized, were unheard of outside of concert venues, so it was a treat to hear their new material from the mouths of the angels that made it.

The new songs allowed them to rock to their fullest, performing at a full-blown arena rocker level throughout. Sameer, YTG’s leading soul, does a very strange dance that looks almost like he keeps getting tangled in the microphone wire. It was strange, but not bad. Kind of funny, actually.

Of course, to please the adoring fans, they brought things back to their debut album, the self titled Young the Giant, for such classics as Cough Syrup and, for one of, if not the, most energetic encores I’ve experienced, My Body.

As a whole, Young the Giant put on a great show that I would love to attend again, especially that I am now better acquainted with the album.  A highly recommended show indeed!

That closed my 3rd Dec2Rem night. Your next Two Months Since… will be up on Saturday, where I will revisit the non-Dec2Rem related show, but just as good if not surpassing, American Authors, Royal Concept, and MisterWives. However, as a special treat to you, tomorrow I will be reviewing the album mentioned in this review, Young the Giant’s Mind Over Matter. Stay tuned for more!


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