Sister Mary’s Angel – Movie Review

Sister Mary’s Angel
Starring Alix Angelis and Kris Angelis
Directed by Mary Knight

maxresdefaultThis is indie/alt. Though I tend to focus on indie and alternative music, I have no problem in exploring other indie regions, such as that of independent films.

I am, in addition to an entertainment blogger, photographer, and independent author, a screenwriter. I am in the midst of working on an independent film of my own, along with a friend of mine, that we are hoping to get released sometime next year. So, I enjoy seeing what other filmmakers can accomplish on a low budget and little to no help from bigger companies.

Mary Knight’s film, Sister Mary’s Angel, was a clear example of success in indie film-making. The plot focuses on twin sister’s, Angel and Mary (hence the clever title of the film ). Angel, a lingerie model, needs medical service for a life-threatening case of breast cancer. Mary, a nun, suggests the idea of trading places, as she gets free medical care from the church. What follows is a film that is at times unbearably funny, and at other moments deeply heartfelt.

The cool, unique thing about this particular twin switch-up is that, instead of going the mainstream route of digitally twinning one person, the part of the twins is actually played by… well, twins. Real twins!

And these real twins did an amazing job in their first lead role! Previously having made cameos on shows such as Bones, and more recently, the Bud Light Superbowl commercial, they honed their lead role. Being real sisters, the chemistry was very believable between them, more so than it would have been using only one actress. Obviously.

Besides the twins, the acting was good. Some were… well, below par for my standards. Slightly Birdemic-esque. But, that movie was a cult classic! Who said this one can’t be? And for an independently made film, Sister Mary’s Angel rose high above my standard bar in a lot of categories.

The plot was great, and held my interest, along with everyone else as the showing. The writing, compliments of Mary Knight, was great as well. As an all around film, it was very polished and well-made. A thumbs up to everyone involved!

At the moment, Sister Mary’s Angel is not available to stream online or to purchase on DVD or Blu-ray. However, you can watch the opening scene here! And if this whets your palette for more, you can catch another showing of the film on Saturday, March 1st, 5:00 PM, at the Joy Theater in Tigard, Oregon. I highly recommend you go! It’s worth the trip, and only costs $4 per person!

Final Verdict: 8/10


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