Two Months Since… American Authors w/ The Royal Concept & Misterwives – Concert Review

American Authors w/ The Royal Concept & Misterwives
Hawthorne Theater

IMG_4777I apologize for being a day late on this Two Months Since… Previous commitments tied me down, and I had to stick to them. Here’s me making it up to you.

Yesterday marked the two month anniversary of what may be one of the best shows I’ve seen: American Authors featuring The Royal Concept and Misterwives. At the time of the show, nobody, save for those who went, knew any of these bands. Then, after, it seems like they all blew up.

I came across American Authors through Spotify a while back, and knew that they were going places. I saw they were coming live with two other bands, so of course checked them both out and bought tickets.

The Royal Concept is an outfit from Sweden, who play some alternative music comparable to the likes of Atlas Genius and The Neighbourhood, with a bit of Walk the Moon energy into the mix. The first song by them I ran across was their most well-known track, On Our Way, which was performed on Glee shortly after the show, after everyone stopped watching it. I was highly impressed with their music, and this was one of the many reason I broke down and bought tickets.

Misterwives is another story. Truly, nobody had heard of them, and it seems like they still don’t have a wide fan base, but they are slowly growing, and they have me as a head of the army now. When I saw this bands name on the bill, I had to look them up. Unfortunately, my Spotify efforts proved futile. Then, I checked Soundcloud. You may recognize the name Misterwives from my 5 Bands You Should Know article a while back. You really should know these guys! The first track I heard by them was their cover of Drake’s Just Hold On. That was the moment I fell head over heels for Mandy Lee’s amazing voice. The rest, as they say, is history.

As I said, this 3 of Clubs show just may be one of the best I’ve gone to. It definitely helped that the show was held at my now favorite venue, Hawthorne Theater. The venue is so small, and so intimate, you can literally touch the mic. It’s just mind-blowing!

The show opened up with Misterwives. I was probably the only guy in the room that knew the lyrics to a majority of their songs, and it showed when Mandy kept looking at me and smiling, then finally lending my friend and I the mic for a line or two.

“It looks like you guys are having fun down there,” she told us. “I think we might have to join you.”

Misterwives really gets the crowd dancing. They’re a blast to listen to, and a blast to watch! They come highly recommended from me.

The second band to take the stage was the co-headliner, American Authors. As soon as I heard American Authors music, I knew they were going to get big. Only a couple short months after the show, they have now topped charts, made appearances on top rated talk shows, such as Ellen, and are now played on almost every major alternative and popular radio station, such as KROQ. My notion was correct.

Live, the band is fantastic. They love their fans, and love to get up close and interactive with them. They have so much energy, and it’s hard not to with their music. Their track, Best Day of My Life, is now a chart-topping hit, and almost everyone has heard it by now, but the rest of their EP is just as great, if not better. Plus, with a debut album dropping next month, we’re sure to hear more from them.

The night ended with the other band headlining the show, The Royal Concept. The Royal Concept is an outfit from Sweden, who play with electronic using rock elements. On some songs, they almost used a little too much voice alters and filters, but the rest of the show made up for it.

Just like American Authors and pretty much any small band, they put their fans first. The highlight of their set, maybe the whole show for me, was when the amazing men of The Royal Concept took a fans request and played her favorite song, one that they say they only ever play in Sweden, then took her camera and recorded it from their point of view. The girl was so overjoyed. It’s things like this that make me respect a band, and love them even more.

With the three of them all together in such a small setting, this show went down in my books as one to remember. Plus, all the bands were super nice outside the show as well, granting wishes to chat and, of course, take selfy’s with me. Pictures I won’t be ashamed to pull out next year when we see American Authors gracing the Grammy’s, The Royal Concept playing arenas, and Misterwives becoming the biggest names in alternative pop.

That covers this portion of Two Months Since… The last installment will be headed your way on February 12th, covering the last night of December to Remember, Portugal. The Man.


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