Two Months Since… Portugal. The Man – Concert Review

Portugal. The Man
Crystal Ballroom

IMG_4825This show was really just pure luck. Portugal. The Man is now a local band, originally hailing from Alaska. The band had a regular, late night show for December to Remember, but it sold out before I could snatch tickets. Luckily, the band decided to be very generous and hold an early show for fairly cheap, opening it up for only those 18 and under.

I was ecstatic at this thought! It was kind of a kick in the face to 21+ shows, which I hate with a burning passion, plus all proceeds from the tickets benefited teens in Portland who needed money for life and education. The whole idea of it makes Portugal one of the most down-to-earth bands I know, and I would soon find out just how down-to-earth they really were.

Despite the ballroom being filled with little kids and their Portugal. The Man-loving parents, the show was just as enjoyable as a regular one.

Portugal. The Man’s show is very visual and this is one of the things that makes them a must-see live. Projected on a giant screen shaped as their signature mountainscape logo are strange and colorful images pulled straight out of the art of their latest Danger Mouse produced album, Evil Friends.

Though some longtime Portugal fans have a raging hate for the bands latest album, which diverts from their precious rock heavy tracks to a high-falsetto, synth-heavy alternative, I personally think Danger Mouse brought about a major revival.

The band opened with my favorite song from the album, Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue, a drum heavy, epic, anti-Royals. Of course, they went to their most popular track, Modern Jesus, as well as older tracks, such as So American.

The show itself was all well and good, but what really made the night for me was afterwards. The people I was with decided we should go try to meet the band. We made our way to the stage and soon met up with keyboardist, Kyle O’Quin. Like it was completely normal, he took us up on stage to show us his set-up.

This guy is phenomenal! He has six keyboards, along with multiple effect and organ petals, that he controls for all the synth of the songs, which is a majority of the music. Talent lies in him.

Plus, the rest of the band are truly some of the nicest people ever! We met every one of them, and lingered backstage to chat with hem for some time. Not many bands will treat their fans with such royalty. It gives me a lot of respect for them!

Overall, the show and the night in general was a great end to a great run of shows, thanks to the amazing 94/7! It all makes me highly anticipate this years December to Remember! 10 months to go!


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