St. Vincent w/ Noveller – Concert Review

St. Vincent w/ Noveller
Crystal Ballroom

IMG_5792Very rarely can one woman put on such an extravagant show, so mesmerizing and claustrophobicly cool, but Annie Erin Clark, known well by her stage name St. Vincent, did just that.

Crystal Ballroom once again came host to a sold out show on March 24th, letting people experience the spectacle that was St. Vincent. The show was opened by Noveller, an experimental, ambient guitarist. Watching Noveller work was unlike anything else. Her guitar work was very unconventional, but worked in a way that created beauty.

Among the tools she used to accompany herself and her electric guitar were multiple effect pedals as well as, what for me seemed the coolest idea, a bow, which she used to create a violin-like trill. The ambient drone sound was layered with deafening low notes, as well as quick trills and contemporary strums. 

Though the music was beautiful and very interesting to see created, I’m not sure it went well with the rest of the show, and what St. Vincent does.

The whole of the room was ecstatic for Annie’s entrance. The show began when the light’s dimmed down, and a robotic voice came through the speakers.

“To increase your enjoyment of tonight’s performance,” it told us. “Please refrain from digitally capturing your experience. Thank you. St. Vincent.”

Annie then came on to the stage, immediately blasting the opening song to her new album, Rattlesnake.

The next 2 and a half hours were like a dream. The end of every song felt like your were waking up from some sort of sleep induced journey of the mind. St. Vincent’s live performance is something else all in itself. What I find very cool is how choreographed it all really is.

Annie parades like a machine across the stage, walking in small steps to give the illusion she is sliding along a track. Present on the stage is a stair case of 3, large white steps. For songs such as I Prefer Your Love, and Strange Mercy, Annie stood upon the top step, giving her an overpowering feeling, like we were in her control. We truly were.

Though I followed the rule for the most part, refraining from taking pictures, I took one or two to commemorate the event. However, when you do find yourself in a room at Annie Clark’s command, I highly recommend you do fully immerse yourself in the experience, instead of being nothing but a digital witness. You will not regret it.


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