The Band Formerly Known As The Ecstatics

Many of you will remember what I said about The Ecstatics, a band I first saw when they opened for Hellogoodbye back in February. Since then, I have seen these guys (Eli and Quincy) three more times, for a total of four shows. This makes them the band I have seen the most times.

The Ecstatics, as they were known, were based in Portland. They were, as many said, the go-to opener for any given 94/7 show. However, with a big break ahead of them and dreams slowly surfacing, this band has taken a dive south.

Now based in The City of Angels, The Ecstatics are now Superhighway, and are on a road to success (n0 pun intended).  Eli and Quincy aren’t even of drinking age, yet they perform like an indie pop band with decades of experience under their belt. They still hold my rank for most energetic performers, and I have a feeling they won’t be letting anyone take that.

Most recently, as their final show and farewell to the 503, Superhighway opened for Kongos at yet another 94/7 ISTW show. Watching the crowd during their set, it’s amazing to see just how much the band can influence the fans. Eli and Quincy like to jump, and they won’t let the crowd get out of jumping with them. Their energy simply spews over the room, and that’s when you can really feel the bounce in Crystal’s floor.

Los Angeles is getting a treat, and I hope that SoCal knows that they need to give these guys everything they can. Before making the final move, Superhighway took a field trip down to their future home to hit the recording studios. As of now, the only tracks are available through their Soundcloud, but just wait. I see an album on it’s way.

To start their journey as Superhighway, Eli, Quincy, and Chris (added as a permanent member it seems) released this video on YouTube, an acoustic cover of Nico and Vinz’s “Am I Wrong”. Here’s wishing the best to Superhighway! Anyone down in LA, keep an eye out. They’re the true next big thing.


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