Grouplove & Portugal. The Man w/ Tokyo Police Club – Concert Review

Grouplove & Portugal. The Man w/ Tokyo Police Club

On Monday, August 11th, Edgefield was subject to quite possibly one of the most legendary shows ever to be assembled. Rolling into Portland was this years Honda Civic Tour, this time bringing two of the biggest names in alternative music: Grouplove and Portugal. The Man.This double-headliner show brought a sold out crowd to the outdoor McMenamins venue and judging by the crowds enthusiasm, nobody left disappointed.

The evening started off with selected opener Tokyo Police Club, Portland being their first night on the tour. Tokyo specialize in a brand of indie rock with a smooth punk edge that makes their style and sound fairly accessible. As far as their live performance went, they put on a solid set. However, with the power to be smashed into our faces following their short but sweet set of tracks, it was somewhat forgettable. But, Tokyo Police Club warmed up the crowd in the best possible way. They had Edgefield jumping, but the following act had us flying.

IMG_9067It’s been a solid 8 months since Grouplove visited us in the 503 during last years December to Remember, but we have in no way lost our love. This was my first time seeing them live, and it was possibly one of the best live shows I’ve seen all year. As soon as the California rockers made their entrance, the crowd was packed in, and moving as one, as well as screaming as one.

Kicking things off with “I’m With You”, one of the many strong tracks off their latest album, Spreading Rumours, the band then shot right into an explosive set that got the adrenaline levels of everyone present to the fullest. Grouplove’s interaction with the audience and showmanship in general is spot on. Both lead members Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi kept coming as close to the edge of the stage as they could, Zucconi even jumping into the crowd for one track. One thing I admired about Grouplove is that they made sure they performing for us. Some bands will perform, but it feels like we’re just observing. Grouplove made sure they included us in the festivities, even making us the golden centerpiece of the show.

IMG_9120As the sun went down, the night got brighter as Portland band Portugal. The Man took their place on the stage. It almost seemed as though Portugal brought a larger crowd up front than Grouplove did, which at first seemed strange being Grouplove’s brand of indie pop was a lot more accessible than Portugal’s hard rocking alternative, however it soon became apparent that Edgefield was full of local Portugal lovers, and they deserved every bit of the love they received.

While Grouplove had us up on our feet to dance, sing, and jump around, Portugal had us standing for the sole purpose of going hard, headbanging, and maybe a bit of crowd-surfing in the mix of it all. There’s no denying that as performers, Portugal. The Man are as solid as they come, with or without the explosive light show. However, with the explosive light show, they were a true experience. While I was front row for Grouplove, I moved back to the lawn for Portugal’s set, and got to see every bit of special effects in it’s full glory. It was spectacular, and with the lights, psychedelic images, and heavy progressive rock, the Portland band equaled out the bar and raised the whole of the night to a new level of awesome.

The coupling of Portugal and Grouplove (or PortuGroup. The Love) was one of the best things to ever happen in the world of live music, and it’s really a shame that it has to only last for one tour. However, Honda Civic is not done with us yet. In October, a perfect threesome of bands, American Authors, The Mowgli’s, and Echosmith, will bring themselves to Portland for another sure to be legendary show at the Wonder Ballroom. After that, there’s no saying what spectacle Honda Civic Tour will bring us next year.


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