Rad Foxes + indie/alt

RADFOXES HEADERHello everyone! I wanted to give you a little update on what the future of indie/alt looks like right now, and give you a little piece of exciting news. First of all, I am in High School, so with classes now resumed, it looks like posts will become a little less frequent, but my goal is to keep posting something new every week. There are a lot of new albums dropping right now (Hustle and Drone, The Griswold’s, Banks) and I plan on reviewing as much as I can. I’ve got around 20 shows lined up that will all be reviewed. One of the most exciting things we’re looking at is a set of interviews that will be posted on to our site, with an article and a listenable Soundcloud recording. Stay posted for that! The main reason of this post though… indie/alt is linking up with the new blog Rad Foxes! Rad Foxes will be our sister blog, and you can access them from the link in our menu bar. Here is a message from Rad Foxes:

Hey there! My name is Sena and welcome to my blog Rad Foxes. This will be a place for anything and everything, a brain volcano of thoughts, passions, and internet vibes. Hope you’ll join me on my blogespheric journey, creating and collecting with me along the way. 


Rad Foxes will focus on not only new music, but also an Etsy shop, various DIY projects, and style. This is a very exciting step for us, and we are very happy to be joining them as they begin their journey.

— Brendan Swogger


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