Tove Lo w/ Linus Young – Concert Review

Tove Lo w/ Linus Young
Wonder Ballroom

IMG_0527Last week/weekend proved to be a very eventful one for indie/alt, as we took on not only a show Thursday night, but an event Friday afternoon, as well as Sunday evening. So, you could say we’ve been pretty busy.

We’ll take this in small chunks, and start with Thursday night’s show at the Wonder Ballroom, Tove Lo.

Tove Lo, the beautiful Swedish pop star that has been blowing up the charts with her song, “Habits (Stay High)”, and whose debut album, Queen of the Clouds, dropped this morning, gave a very intimate, sexy, swoon-worthy performance for Portland. Despite not being a sold out show, the crowd was definitely all very excited to see this star live in such a small venue. I can bet after this, we won’t be seeing her in the Wonder anymore.

However, before Tove Lo herself could stride the stage, the night’s opening band, Linus Young, gave a short but amazing set to get the mood set right.

Linus Young is a musical duo from the East Coast, comprised of Iris Belson and Joseph Walker. These two, along with the rest of the backing band, gave an incredible opening set! The band started off with their most well-known track, “City of Sin”, a slow, moody melody that gets into your head with the first line.

The rest of the set was just as great, throwing in some new tracks that will be featured on their debut album, dropping soon.

Along with giving an amazing performance, they also gave out some pretty rad gifts to the fans, handing out a couple free t-shirts and 7″ vinyls to a lucky few.

Once Linus Young exited the stage, the crowd immediately became more and more excited as the stage set up for the act of the night, Tove Lo, began to be revealed.

Tove Lo’s set up was very minimalistic, with two drummers on either side of the stage, and a keyboard/synth manning the back. The rest of the stage was all empty space, reserved for Tove Lo herself to reign. And she did just that.

Tove Lo is, excuse my lack of a better term, sexy. I won’t lie to you. But the thing is, that is what she’s going for. She’s really pulling it off.

The Swedish star had the crowd’s jaws on the floor with not only her silky voice, but her movements. She graced the stage the way a belly dancer would, slowly and seductively, before then proceeding to jump around and get down to the jamming chorus’s of her songs.

Tove Lo played a lot of tracks that have been released on EPs and singles prior, and a good amount of new tracks featured on the debut as well. Compared to her previously released material, the tracks from the new album were up to par if not even better than a lot of the EP songs. It made it clear that Queen of the Clouds would be an amazing album, and after listening to it, it is indeed.

Highlights from her set, now on her full length release, are tracks like “My Gun”, “Like Em Young”, and “Talking Body”. “Talking Body” has to be one of my favorite tracks right now. It’s such a jam in it’s own right, but the lyrics are very openly sexual.

“Now if we’re talking body,” sings Tove Lo. “You got a perfect one, so put it on me.”

There’s more in that song alone, but the whole album highlights this sexuality, and it’s something Tove Lo translates perfectly to the live performance.

And, just as Linus Young did, Tove Lo treated the fans right, and gave a lucky few in the crowd some gifts to show her love and affection for her “babes”. Among the presents, flowers and signed love notes. This really shows that she cares about her fans, and that is something very important for an artist on the rise as quickly as she. I only hope she will hang on to this connection, and not lose it as many chart-topping pop stars have.

Overall, Tove Lo’s performance really showed what this rising star is capable of. You would be making a mistake not seeing her next time around. And, if you’re looking for a new jam of an album to get down to, you would be a real fool to not look to Queen of the Clouds, out now!

(Buy the album from her official store here)

Check back here at indie/alt for a review of Sunday night’s show, The Kooks, as well as a quick write-up/review of Brood’s new album, Evergreen, dropping next week, and their brief appearance at Portland’s Music Millennium.


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