Lily Allen w/ Lolawolf – Concert Review

Lily Allen w/ Lolawolf
Crystal Ballroom

IMG_1012[1]October is here.

I don’t know if you’re excited, but I am. And I kicked off my October with Sheezus herself, Lily. Fucking. Allen.

It’s been seven years since Lily graced our city, and now, hot off a long hiatus, and with a new album, she’s back and she brought it.

Though we previously advertised the night’s opener as Swedish artist, Mr Little Jeans, I discovered upon arrival to the Crystal that the opener had been changed. The night began with Lolawolf, a trio in the vein of such artists as Wet and Sylvan Esso. The interesting thing about this band, aside from the fact that they actually rocked their set, was that the lead singer was Zoe Kravitz, the daughter of one Lenny. But as I said, Lolawolf opened up the night perfectly, with a slowed electronica drone that got you moving in place.

Of course, the sold out crowd became increasingly excited in the moments before Ms. Allen took the stage. The stage set up, despite being tampered a bit for the smaller stage capacity of the Crystal, still had all the theatrical elements Lily has been bringing on her Sheezus Tour. Among them: light up baby bottles, strobes, and “Lily” in gigantic letters behind her.

After a very intense build up to her entrance, Lily opened up with the title track of her new album, “Sheezus”. The whole crowd knew every word it seemed, and this fad continued throughout the night.

The set went from hit to hit, moving from “Sheezus” into “Not Fair”, “Not Fair” to “LDN”, and so on. There really was not a dull moment all night, and how could there be? I mean… it’s Lily Allen. What’s more exciting?! She is a God!

The great thing about Lily Allen live, or at all really, is that she really just doesn’t give a fuck. She parades across the stage, going full blown Sheezus, and puts on her best moves in her high heeled shoes. One highlight of the show was “Smile”, the popular track off her debut album, Alright, Still. At this point, she comes out with a cigarette in hand, striding the stage, singing a couple verses, and letting the crazy crowd take some of the vocals.

Another highlight of the set for me was the performance of It’s Not Me, It’s You track, “Who’d Have Known”. This one was debated, it seemed, to be left out, but carrying on with some banter and a giggle, Lily went on the perform it, with the crowd once again singing every word.

The show didn’t go without it’s flukes though. It seemed as if Lily fumbled on a few words here and there, but it didn’t even make a difference. The showmanship of it all was worth everything! And, after the break before the encore, the lights stopped working for a brief moment, but that gave us a five minute Lily Allen hang out, so I think we were all cool with it.

And, after the lights finally came on, she shot straight into the final song of the night, “Hard Out Here”, complete with the choreographed moves, and backup dancers in their leather suits and rubber dog masks. Sound strange? Yes, but at the same time one of the best things you’re eyes have ever laid sight on.

After seven years, now married with children, Lily Allen came back strong, and next time she’s around, do not miss out!



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