American Authors w/ The Mowgli’s & Echosmith – Concert Review

American Authors w/ The Mowgli’s & Echosmith
Wonder Ballroom

IMG_1168Are you in shock because it seems like all three of those bands are too good to play a show together? We were, and you have Honda Civic to thank for that. Yes, previously bringing Portugal. The Man and Grouplove to Edgefield for an epic double headliner, Honda Civic Tour brought American Authors, The Mowgli’s, and Echosmith to the Wonder Ballroom on Tuesday night. (Don’t ask me to pick which one I was most excited for. That’s impossible!)

After a little wait in line, a few meet ups with The Mowgli’s before, and plenty of “possibly not ebola doughnuts”, we went inside and got started with the amazing Echosmith! I’ve been wanting to see these guys for quite some time, and I was not disappointed by their performance. With the youngest of the band being on 15, and the oldest a mere 21, these sibling rockers went through a solid set of songs off their debut album, Talking Dreams, including “Come Together”, “Let’s Love”, and “Cool Kids”.

Here’s the thing about Echosmith though. They’re getting BIG. How big exactly? The show was sold out, and I can almost guarantee that that half of the people there were just there for them. There were a lot of fans! So many, in fact, that after the show, Echosmith came out to greet us with strict enforcement of managers.

“No autographs, just pictures.” “Make a line.” “We’re just signing now. No pictures.”

It was pretty ridiculous, and you could see that the band themselves just wanted to hang out. Hopefully enforcement can clear up a little in the future. They were still lovely to talk to!

Having seen The Mowgli’s before, being one of the first bands I saw live, I knew exactly what to expect: a big group sing-along, and a lot of love. That’s exactly what we got. The Mowgli’s are always such a pleasure to watch! It really is a love-fest on stage! The Mowgli’s played some classic tracks, like “Say It, Just Say It” and “San Francisco”, but they also played some new tunes, which is very exciting for us!

Now… American Authors. Many of you will remember when we saw them for the first time back in December. They played the Hawthorne Theater, sharing a headline with The Royal Concept. A super small venue, a super small crowd, less than one year ago. (You can read the review of that show here). After I saw them there, I knew that they were going to get big. It literally didn’t take a week.

Now, they have one of the most popular songs in the world, have made plenty of TV appearances, and are headlining a sold out Wonder Ballroom show. That’s just insane. But I was very proud to be one of the only ones who didn’t raise their hand when Zac asked if this was our first show with them.

They opened up properly with “Home”, coming on stage with plenty of strobe and suspense building drums beats. It was crazy to see so many people singing along to this song, having known it for so long. They then went on to play plenty of tracks off their debut, Oh, What A Life, as well as classics off the EP.

Among these, the band performed a cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow”, and Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”, along with… wait for it… a new song! The song was titled “Nothing Better Than You”, and it gives me hope for a new AA EP in the future!

Luckily, despite gaining a large boost in popularity, American Authors have not lost touch with their fans. The band was out by the buses almost immediately after the shows end, free of overpowering manager rules. It gave everyone an opportunity to get pictures, hang out, and, for me, congratulate them on how much they’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.


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