Isa Siamundo // The Colourist – Fan Interview

hHy9-MtJAlright, Readers. Today, we introduce another piece of the indie/alt experience: Fan Interviews. Previously, I have given you band interviews, where we talk with artists rising on the scene about origins, playing live shows, recording albums, and more. However, there’s a point where it feels like… it’s all been done before. No question we’ll keep up with the bands, but it was time for something fresh. I began to observe the fans. Their dedication, their love, their enthusiasm. Music has the ability to change us. It inspires us to be who we are, it makes us appreciate life just a little bit more. And the people behind the music… they can be our biggest influences, our biggest idols and insirations. The purpose of Fan Interviews is to highlight this effect.

Instead of interviewing the band, this piece of indie/alt will talk to the fan, about the band, the music, and how they’ve changed through the music. For the first installment, I talked to my friend Isa Siamundo (@isasiam). Isa has an undying love for one of my favorite bands, The Colourist. The Colourist are an indie pop/rock band from Orange County, and have been featured on indie/alt a couple times. I asked her ahout the first time she heard them, meeting them, and how the band has changed her…


1. Tell us about the first time you heard The Colourist.

About a year ago, I heard “Little Games” for the first time on Alt Nation, and I really loved it. It was fun and different. I wrote down the name of it and the band, and listened to it again one day while studying. I decided that it was worth buying. It just happened to be iTunes’ Single of the Week when bought it, so I got it for 69 cents! A few months later, when I was looking for acoustic songs to play my cajón (box drum) to, I looked up an acoustic version of “Little Games”, and found one video of them playing for Buzznet. I saw right away that they had a girl drummer when Adam, their guitarist/singer introduced the band and the song. I noticed how amazing they all were at playing live, and was absolutely intrigued by how their drummer sang, too! I watched videos of them throughout the week (Their Wilcox Session with “We Won’t Go Home” is my favorite, and I’m currently working with my drum teacher on covering the song based on that video), and lucky for me, their album was released a few days later! I bought it right away and fell in love.

2. What about their music draws you to it?

I love how different sounding their music is. When I first heard “Little Games”, it sounded just like the type of music that I like- upbeat alternative rock with a slightly poppy sound. I love songs that make me want to dance or jump up and down or ride in the car with the windows down, and that song, in particular did it for me. I also think it’s amazing how their songs can vary. They’re able to do more rock songs like “We Won’t Go Home” while also being able to do slower songs like “Stray Away”. Plus, it’s cool how I can listen to a song of theirs and become fascinated by how each of the instruments sound individually in the song and how they come together.

3. How have they impacted your life?

They’ve impacted my life immensely. They’ve inspired me to further my knowledge in music, to be in a band and create something that I will be proud of, to keep drumming and get good at it, and most importantly, to inspire others as much as they’ve inspired me and plenty of others. I’m discovering how much music can speak to people and also move them in ways other things can’t, and that’s something I want to be able to do. Since discovering The Colourist, I’ve dedicated myself more to drumming and music. I am now a music intern at a local teen center, and I’m drumming with more passion and enthusiasm. Even my drum teacher and dad are able to see that I’ve become a better drummer since looking up to them (and Maya, in particular). They’ve also indirectly taught me to be myself and to be confident and proud of who I am, so I’m working on embracing that. I mean, all their members are really quirky and they make it work and embrace it. My dad once told me whilst I was gushing about The Colourist, that they are like a projection of things he’s been trying to tell me for years, haha. They lit a real spark inside me, and it’s still growing. Also, I’ve been introduced to new bands and made strong friendships thanks to them! (Katie, Cori, Sena, Brianna, Symone, and Brendan are really close with me now –just to name a few 😉 )

4. You saw them live in August. What was that like for you?

That was absolutely incredible. I fell in love with live music in the last year. Whether it’s a small band in a café, a street musician, or a band that I like, it’s always so uplifting to experience music live. And seeing The Colourist, my favorite band, live, was beyond amazing. They were exactly what I had hoped for and more. It was so weird for me to see them performing songs that I had watched them perform in videos no less than a thousand times. I sang my heart out, grooved happily in the front row, watched them interact with the crowd, and witnessed firsthand how much they love music and love performing. They clearly know how to get the audience pumped and dancing. I had so much fun and would do anything to experience it again.

That day holds a special place in my heart not only because I got to see them perform songs I’d had on repeat for months, but because I also got the pleasure of meeting them – a real dream come true.

5. What’s your favorite thing about each member individually?

Oh, boy, I love them all so much but my favorite thing about Kollin (bass and guitar) would have to be how you see him in pictures and think of him as a serious type guy, but one look at any of his social medias, and you’ll see that it’s filled with small, oddly funny captions and jokes. My favorite thing about Justin (keys and bass) is how he’s unafraid to be himself. Also, he’s crazy nice. He tweeted out my Vine cover of the acoustic version of “Little Games”, calling it brilliant, and I was so overwhelmed with his kindness. My favorite thing about Adam (guitar and vocals) is not only does he have a similar humor to Kollin, but he also is clearly passionate about music and performing. This was clearer to me when I saw them live because of how he gets into the music and also talks to the crowd. And he also smiled almost the entire time during the show. It’s nearly impossible to pick my favorite thing about Maya, but I would have to say that it’s just how inspiring she is in general. She inspires me with music and wise words all the time.

6. Is there any particular song (or lyric from a song) that means a lot to you?

Their song “Wishing Wells” means a lot to me because of the lyrics in the chorus: “follow what you feel”. The Colourist was able to help me learn more about who I am and what I want to become, and by following what I feel, I think I’ll be able to learn more about myself and the world. The song also says that if you’re sick of “what if” and “you don’t know what you’re looking for”, just follow what you feel. That’s a very empowering message to me and will help guide me for the rest of my life.

7. Do you know any interesting facts about the band?

Ha, I mostly just know these interesting facts because of interviews, social medias and whatnot, but Kollin has a Black Belt in Karate and met a member from Van Halen, Justin can run a mile in 4 minutes, Adam would want to be a dolphin trainer if he wasn’t a musician and was/is really good at Flappy Bird, and Maya worked on the TV show, Roadtrip Nation, and has a famous cat named Richard Kitty who has over 115k followers on instagram! Some fun facts about the band as a whole are that they can cover the first 30 seconds of Slayer’s “Raining Blood”, and that they saved an injured, old lady on her driveway when they were recording their album!

8. Besides meeting them, do you have any cool Colourist related stories?

Well, meeting them actually has cooler stories within it, so I’ll just drop a little bit of that in here… I had written The Colourist a fan letter that they received a few days before the show and had also been interactive with them via Twitter for months, so I assume that is how, to my astonishment, Maya knew who I was when it was my turn to say hi to them at their show. I walked up all awestruck and ready to cry tears of joy, and said “Hi!” and Maya said “Hi! Are you Isa?” Those words made my life complete. My drumming inspiration knew who I was? Unreal. I said “Yeah, I am!” and immediately attacked her with a hug afterwards, unable to say any more. She also correctly pronounced my name (E-suh), which, even though I helped her with by explaining it in the letter, made the encounter even more memorable and unbelievable.

When I met them, I gave each of them presents and made watercolor art for them as a whole. I gifted Justin a pizza cap because he has an undying love for pizza. Maya asked to take a picture of me and Justin with his new cap on, and it ended up on their instagram and Twitter page and I was tagged in it! And a couple weeks later, they did a show in Vancouver, BC, and they uploaded some pictures and a Vine with Maya wearing the pizza cap!

In June, I went to a birthday party, and one of the guests was a girl my age whom I had never met before, and she didn’t know any of the other guests, so I decided to try to befriend her. We introduced ourselves, and her name was Maya! I explained to her how I already liked her since my favorite drummer’s name was Maya from the band, The Colourist. Then she told me that she had seen The Colourist live when they came to Seattle with Panic! At the Disco! From there, we had a long conversation about The Colourist, Panic!, live music, made playlists for each other, and exchanged contact information. Now, Maya and I are pretty good friends and will hopefully be getting together again soon!

9. What would you tell somebody who hasn’t yet listened to The Colourist about them?

Funny enough, lots of my friends didn’t listen to The Colourist before I told them how wicked my summer had been because of what happened with The Colourist, but I don’t think I would just go tell everyone who hasn’t listened to their music about how my dreams came true that day and how nice they are to me and all that. I would tell them that The Colourist is a fun, alternative, indie pop band with tunes that could get you into a good mood. I’d tell them about how they have a song for everyone on their album, which should definitely be bought. I’d explain how much I love their music and how much the band has changed me, but if I was to make it short I would say “The Colourist is a really good band. Great people. Sweet tunes. Have a thing for pizza and cats. Buy their album, I promise you’ll like it.”

10. If you had the chance (again) to talk to the band, what would you say to them?

I sure hope that I get to talk to them again one day, because I’d definitely want to tell them face-to-face how much they’ve impacted and inspired me with their music and confidence. I’d also want to ask advice from them on being in an alternative band, how I should go about getting more into the music, and things they’d wish they did differently when they were my age. I would also say thank you, because they deserve to hear it a million times.


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