MØ w/ HOLYCHILD – Concert Review

Wonder Ballroom

IMG_1722Let me just start off by saying… what a perfect match up! Whoever’s idea it was to get HOLYCHILD to open up for MØ is a flippin’ genius!

Tuesday night saw a, well, far from sold out crowd (but it should have been SO’d in my opinion), for Danish songstress MØ. MØ’s music meet similarites to artists like Grimes, Lykke Li, Banks, and CHVRCHES. If you know them, you probably know her. If you don’t, you’d love her!

The opener of the night though, as I said, was greatly matched up. HOLYCHILD and MØ’s sound is very similar in it’s core elements, so the crowd loved it! I saw HOLYCHILD open up for Fitz and the Tantrums back in June (which unfortunately fell in my little “hiatus period”), but I can tell you that if I had reviewed that show, the piece for their set would’ve been very positive!

HOLYCHILD is such a fun band to watch and listen to! Leading lady Liz doesn’t so much stride the stage as kick it around and jump on it gleefully. As a performer and person, she is such a bubbly spirit.

The band played tracks from their previously released EP, including “Playboy Girl” and “Happy With Me”. However, the highlight of their set for me were the new tracks. They all sounded amazing! In particular, tracks like “Running Behind” and “Bombada” stood out. The new material applies some really cool production, with layering and amazing drum beats that get stuck in your head from the first hit. Look for their debut album, dropping next year, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

MØ really kept the party going, and then some, as soon as she hit the stage in her sweatpants and signature hairdo. The crowd was going insane for her, and she really put her all into this performance, probably being it was the last of her tour.

The “Scandinavian Warrior Princess” (as I heard one crowd member call her) opened up the set with her song “Maiden”, kicking the party off with a hot track. It never died down at all. She kept the energy high and alive for the crowd.

MØ was very interactive with the audience, and it isn’t hard to be at the Wonder. She went a step further though on a lot of points, coming down into the crowd multiple times, even running across the ballroom to dance on the bar in the 21+ section. Of course, a night with MØ wouldn’t have been complete without a stage dive and crowd surf session.

Besides top-notch audience interaction, MØ had such an amazing stage presence, and of course a beautiful voice to go hand-in-hand with this. MØ’s voice has that fairy-like quality you find in Grimes, but an amount of energy into every song that makes it her own personal entity. It’s really something amazing to listen to, let alone watch in action.

The highlight of the set for me (or at least one of many) was the final song of the encore, her most popular song, “Don’t Wanna Dance”. It being the last night of tour, HOLYCHILD surprised MØ in the middle of it’s energetic chorus by hopping up on stage, armed with confetti canons, to dance it all out in celebration. It made for a spectacular ending to an even more spectacular night.

Overall, from the hair-flipping energy, to the haunting Danish vocals, MØ brought it to the Wonder, and when she returns for her next tour (probably not for a little while, unfortunately), it’s one show you do NOT want to miss!


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