Symone Camargo // Walk the Moon – Fan Interview

indie/alt is back with Fan Interviews! Last time, we talked to my friend, Isa Siamundo, about her favorite band, The Colourist (interview here). For the follow up, I reached out to Symone Camargo (@HeyyyBabyGoat), one of the biggest fans I know of indie rock band, Walk the Moon. WTM are from Ohio, and have played Portland a few times in the recent past. You can read our review of their show with Panic! At The Disco here. Symone talked to us about seeing them live on her birthday, the first time she heard them, and what their music has done for her…

1. Tell us about the first time you heard Walk the Moon.
The first time I heard Walk the Moon was incidentally also the first time I had ever been to Portland. My friends and I went in July after my freshman year of high school and we were doing all the Portland-y things, which included checking out a record shop.  This shop had a card stand right by their front door that we were all drawn to because of a brightly colored, watercolor style square sitting on it. It was a sticker version of their album art, and so when we got home we looked them up and I instantly fell in love.
2. What about their music draws you to it?
They give this really incredibly happy vibe. They have such feel good songs that make me want to dance and sing along. The energy around their music is amazing too. I’ve gone to quite a few of their live shows and the way they can get a whole room of hundreds of people to move and just have a good time is awesome to me.
3. How have they impacted your life?
So my sophomore year of high school was really tough on me. Some of the major things that happened were that one of my best friends moved to San Francisco and my older brother moved to Huntington Beach for college. It was the first time in my life that people who I was really close with weren’t going to be around all the time and I didn’t really know what to do. On top of that, I was taking some of the hardest classes I had ever taken and I didn’t really know how to deal with that either, so I turned to music, specifically Walk the Moon. Anytime I felt like school was too much or I missed my brother or my friend a lot, I’d just crank up their album, and every single time it made me feel better. The sad wouldn’t go completely away, but their music made it less apparent. They were the first band whose music I really connected with and made me feel something. It wasn’t just manufactured sound. To me, it was like art.
4. You saw them live on your birthday last month. What was that like for you?
Honestly, it was a dream come true and everything I could have ever wished for! Eli came out before the show to say hi and happy birthday and he did a video to say hi to my friend Lilly, and that was really special to her. Then Nick came out and said happy birthday too and wrote out a lyric from Tiger Teeth for me that I painted with watercolors and am going to get as a tattoo soon. Their set was fantastic, and because I had gotten there at 11 am, I was front row, right in front of Nick and Eli. I realized that this was a once in a lifetime sort of thing. I was seeing my favorite band, with some of my best friends, on my birthday. I couldn’t have been luckier! During their encore, Iscariot (one of their more emotionally charged songs) I started to cry. It was just so beautiful and I was so moved I couldn’t contain it. It was most truly one of the best nights of my life and I will never be able to thank them enough.
{If you want to read more about Symone’s experience with Walk the Moon on her birthday, check out her Tumblr, and watch this video, which shows WTM performing their song, “I Can Lift A Car”, there. You’ll want to see it. Trust me!}
5. What’s your favorite thing about each member individually?
My favorite thing about Nick is how he is such an inspiration to me and others, he just seems to take life and go with it, and I think that’s really great. Plus he’s a super friendly person. Eli is really friendly too and willing to talk with fans after shows and all, and that’s really cool. I think he knows that it means a lot to them. Sean is a really good photographer, and I never knew that until recently! Since I’ve realized it, I’ve been trying to keep up with his Instagram and stuff a lot more! Kevin, though I have never met him personally, seems like a huge goofball and wild to be around. I think it would be a really good time where ever he goes. I also think it’s funny how he’s always tweeting about food.
6. Is there any particular song (or lyric from a song) that means a lot to you?
All of their songs mean so much to me, but particularly Tiger Teeth. A studio version hasn’t been released yet, but there are plenty of recordings from their past shows scattered across the internet. The title lyric, “love bites so deep and we’ve got tiger teeth” is the one Nick wrote for me and I’m getting tattooed. I’m not really sure how they intended for it to be interpreted, but the way I see it is that love is felt deeply and wholly within someone, and then this love, whoever it is between, was felt deeper, and more intensely than others. I don’t really know though, they could have a completely different meaning for it, but I kind of like the idea of mine.
7. Do you know any interesting facts about the band?
They’re really random but, I know from interviews, some of which are really old, that at some point, Nick has actually been told to “shut up and dance”, Eli wanted to be a lawyer, Sean was a night delivery person for a shipping company and Kevin’s favorite Disney princess was Belle. I know that for a while they also called themselves the “Kaleidoscope Space Tribe” and that’s really awesome, and even if it’s their own headlining tour, Nick will almost always introduce them saying “We’re Walk the Moon and we’re from Ohio!” and I like that a lot and think its really funny!
8. Do you have any cool WTM related stories?
I’ve made a lot of really great friends because of them, whether it be because of concerts, recognizing merch while out and about, twitter, tumblr or Instagram, they have been the reason for me having met some of the most amazing people. They share the passion and excitement that I have for Walk the Moon and that’s just the coolest thing to me. Also, I brought a lot of friends to their show on October 21, 2013 and for a lot of them it was their first concert.
9. What would you tell somebody who hasn’t yet listened to Walk the Moon about them?
They are all incredibly talented and good hearted people. Their music is fantastic and their live performances are out of this world. Check them out if you get the chance, you won’t regret it, I promise!
10. If you had the chance to talk to the band, what would you say to them?
First I would thank them just for being them and doing what they do because I love it and will never get tired of it. Then I’d ask them about individual songs and what they mean and why they decided to write them. After that I’d probably try and have the most normal and casual conversation a girl could have with her favorite band. Inside I’d probably be freaking out with excitement, but externally I’d try to keep it collected, haha!
Bonus Question: What do you think of their new material, and the new music video?
I am really really excited for their new album, I’ve been waiting for such a long time and I am so thrilled to have new music coming soon. Obviously I’m a little sad that Tiger Teeth won’t be on there, but it just makes my watercolor more special, and I trust their decision in saying that it wasn’t the right time for it. The music video was cheesy and goofy and I loved it. It was weird at first, but it really grew on me and I like it.

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