Tegan and Sara w/ Waters & The Courtneys – Concert Review

Tegan and Sara w/ Waters & The Courtneys
Roseland Theater

IMG_2469Yeah, I went there.

Before Wednesday, I wasn’t able to go to this show. No tickets, no time. Too much in one week, I kept thinking. Wednesday afternoon, I get a message that says, “Hey. You wanna go see Tegan and Sara?” BOOM. Guest list. So, I was very excited to (last-minute) be able to attend this show, and since I advertised it a bit with indie/alt, I thought we’d cover it.

The night’s first opener, The Courtneys, I’m sure were amazing, but unfortunately I wouldn’t know. We got in partway through Waters set.

Waters, for the few songs I heard, did a pretty good job! They brought a sort of fusion of indie pop elements, while keeping a raw alternative rock backbone to it. It wasn’t 100% my taste, but it was a great set. And, despite me thinking I had never heard this band before (though the name did sound very familiar), I quickly realized I had heard them. Their song, “I Feel Everything”, is a jam, and one to check out for sure!

Though I didn’t see too much of the opening acts, I was there for one thing: Tegan and Sara Quin. Tegan and Sara were just in Portland a couple of months ago, opening things up for Katy Perry at the Moda Center. Though I can respect Katy Perry’s pop magnificence, I was more jealous of the magnitude of people who got to see T&S there. I’m glad I waited and got to see them up close and personal.

Tegan and Sara opened up their set with “Drove Me Wild”, a track off their latest release, Heartthrob. This tour marks their last of the new album, and as they told us at the show, the duo will take next year off before coming back with their eighth. Excited much?

T&S went through a well-rounded set, playing many songs off Heartthrob, as well as older tracks off their classic albums, like The Con and So Jealous.

Before playing one of my favorite tracks, Back In Your Head”, the two took the time to explain to us why Portland is truly one of their favorite places. They reminded us that The Con was recorded right here in PDX, and that every time they play these songs, no matter where they are, they think of us.

They followed “Back In Your Head” with “Dark Come Soon”,  another Con track.

Now, while the music is, no questions asked, amazeballs (Sorry, it felt right), one of the things I was most looking forward to about this particular show was what I like to call “The Sara Quin Comedy Hour”, or, in other words, the classic time Sara talks to the crowd for like 20 minutes while Tegan pokes fun at everything she says.

For Portland, she pulled out what was supposed to be an inspirational speech about how their career as musicians has grounded her and kept her stable, but ended up being a shaky, yet in-depth comparison of her and a special needs person with their service dog, or something along those lines.

“Though I am a cat person,” she says. “But no offense to those who like dogs. Or hamsters. Or chinchillas.”

“Careful,” Tegan kept saying.

Somewhere in there were things about airplanes, or something. All you really need to know is it was hilariously perfect and adorable, and the crowd loved it.

The music part of the show continued on, as they played songs off the album, So Jealous. For those who don’t know, the classic album is being re-released as a special edition book and DVD, along with the album, featuring new tracks and remixes. It’s a meaty and very worthwhile thing to own.

They advertised this a little bit in the encore, playing the “So Jealous” remix. Sonically, it was a jam. Just that track alone made me want to go get the special edition.

They closed out the encore with two more So Jealous tracks, “I Know I Know I Know” and “Where Does the Good Go”. The crowd sang along, danced along, and the night was one I’m glad I got to see. Thanks again to my friend Thomas for getting me in! We’ll let you all know when the new album tour begins… (2016!?)


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