Generationals w/ Springtime Carnivore – Concert Review

Generationals w/ Springtime Carnivore
Doug Fir Lounge

IMG_2806Let me just say that I REALLY wish I was 21 so I could go to more Doug Fir shows. Doug Fir Lounge is one of the coolest venues I’ve been in, and it’s usually a 21+ kind of joint. However, the fabulous Generationals opened it up for the minor crowd for an early all ages show.

The night began with dreamy folk pop band, Springtime Carnivore, a.k.a songwriter Greta Morgan and friends. I first stumbled upon Springtime Carnivore in an Under the Radar review, in which they described the debut album, Springtime Carnivore, as “upbeat pop songs” that were “uniformly dripping with reverb” (Trunick). Just this alone was enough to get me interested in a listen. I was pleased by what I heard, and pleased too to see that they would be opening things up for Generationals.

Live, Springtime Carnivore might sound even better than the record. They keep the bouncing upbeat pop sound, but also whisk us all away into some sort of dream state with the reverb and live sound production. At one point, you could tell excatly what they were going for, when Greta asked for “just enough reverb to make it sound like we’re in a small cave”.

While Morgan and friends kept us smiling with their catchy hooks, Generationals brought on a whole new level of greatness. Never have I danced so much at a show as I did with them.

Generationals themselves consist of New Orleans natives Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer. They specialize in a special kind of indie rock, adding in a plateful of synth and electronic sound to the mix, set to just the right dance beat. It works well on a record, and live, it’s something else entirely.

The band played through a healthy set of songs, featuring tracks off their older record, as well as newer ones released on their latest LP, Alix.

I wasn’t the only one dancing the (afternoon??) away. The whole crowd was thoroughly enjoying the entire set, and there was really no pulse drop throughout. They kept the energy up and alive, which is a hard thing to do.

As far as the sound itself goes, the Generationals sound is ever alive in a live performance. The synth mixed with the guitar and live drum beats mixes just as the record does itself. No matter you’re at a live show, or playing the album at home, you’re going to be dancing. No question.

A highlight of their set was their song “Nobody Could Change Your Mind”. This track comes off their debut album, Con Law. “Nobody” does something very well in the record, and that is incorporate a brass sound into the mix. It’s catchy, and a great way to open up the debut (it’s the first track on the album).

To bring this to a live setting, Generationals brought live brass to the stage: a couple trumpets and a sax. Not only did it sound just as amazing as the record, but it was a blast to watch it all in action.

Whether Generationals come back for their own headline gig, or opening for another act, you won’t want to miss the dance party that ensues.


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