Take Me To Alaska – Band Interview

q5k0cYkk_400x400Happy Day One of our Seven Days of Christmas! If you’re in the US, you’re probably reading this as it’s been posted for a little while now. If you’re in London, it’s 10 a.m., and you’ve happened upon something very exciting.

Ladies and gentleman, our very first international interview! Late last month, we got in contact with Leicestershire folk rock band, Take Me To Alaska. TM2A consists of three members: Bassist Paige, Guitarist and Percussionist Meesha, and lead Guitarist Luke. I’ve been in contact with Meesha and Paige for a little while prior to our chat. In a search for new interviews and new places to go, their band Take Me To Alaska was there waiting to be discovered.

On our call across the world (and plenty of time zones), we chatted about origins, inspirations, and hopes for the future.

Take Me To Alaska officially began in January, though the members have all known each other far prior. In fact, two, Meesha and Paige, share the same last name. They’re sisters, twins, in fact.

The two grew up in a household that was booming with musical inspirations.

“Our parents are very musical,” Meesha told us. “They’ve always played their music such as Thin Lizzie and Fleetwood Mac.”

This colorful exposure to such quality art certainly had it’s effect. Musical experience later in life too made it’s impact. Luke cites some of his favorite bands impacts on him, and his desire to inspire.

“My life is evolved around music, it’s what keeps me going,” he told us. “I’m a huge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars and they influenced me on joining a band. I want to finally be able to influence fans, make them follow their dreams, and make the right decisions.”

When starting the band, the subject of name had to arise. The haunting mystery and beauty of the name Take Me To Alaska arose in the midst of a song.

Said Paige, “We were just playing a song we wrote, and had visions of listening to it in the snowy mountains. It had that kind of vibe.”

She mentioned how it sounded like being in Alaska, a place they would someday love to see in person. Thus, Take Me To Alaska was born.

Since beginning, the band has played one acoustic gig, and will play their second tomorrow at the Pi Bar in Leicester (good luck guys!). It’s very important, they say, to perfect original material. Their first gig was all their own music, as will this next one. Covers are not part of the equations for TM2A. For their time together, writing has been the main focus.

“Our writing process usually starts with making a tune first, and then writing lyrics over it,” Meesha told us.

Said Luke, “We always use personal experience. Our main theme is about love and family experiences.”

The songs themselves come from many places of inspiration. Not only from personal experience, but from the members’ favorite music as well. Paige cites bands Of Monsters and Men, Haim, alt-J, and Foals as some of their biggest influences.

In the adventure that is writing, they have found some struggles along the way.

“We sometimes find that we have dead days,” Paige said. “We struggle getting the creative juices flowing. But, then we find the next day we have so many ideas and everything just works.”

Over the last year perfecting original work, they have been able to conjure up a good amount of material, and aim to release recorded material soon (of course we’ll keep you updated!).

To end off our long-distance call, I asked the band what they hope to see in their future.

“What everybody wants. To be touring nationally, and playing shows.”

The live show has always been the dream for TM2A. Said Paige, “Seeing my favorite bands play on stage is what made me want to be up there. Seeing their faces, seeing them have a good time. That’s what I want!”

You can find Take Me To Alaska on Twitter @TakeMe2Alaska. You’d have to be crazy not to follow them, especially with @BabyHaim as a fan! 😉

Tomorrow, or later today I suppose, we will continue our Seven Days of Christmas marathon with… our review of Wild Cub and Priory’s December to Remember show, as well as our exclusive follow up interview with local legends, Superhighway! Stay tuned for that and more surprises, coming very soon to indie/alt!


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