Big Data & Joywave w/ Hustle and Drone – Concert Review

Big Data & Joywave w/ Hustle and Drone
Crystal Ballroom

IMG_3730As Christmas Eve-Eve comes to a close, and Christmas draws nearer and nearer, it’s time to issue Day Five of our 7DOC series! Only two more days left, and today we return to our adventures with 94/7 at their December to Remember concert series. December 15th saw another double headline to die for: Big Data and Joywave. Plus, let’s not forget the always incredible Hustle and Drone set to open things up.

Hustle and Drone always bring their A-game to the stage. This was my third time around seeing them do their thing (you can read about time two, PDX Pop Now!, right here), and I can 100% this was their best show yet!

Now that their album, HOLYLAND, has been out for a good amount of time, I’ve been able to really get to know these guys and their music (Our review here). Knowing almost all the songs by heart this time around made the performance even better. Ryan Neighbors puts so much energy and passion into his work in the live shows. Watching him, plus the incredible light work accompanying the sound, made for an incredible experience. I really see this band becoming a big name in 2015. Those are some headline shows I cannot wait for!

IMG_3725Joywave came up next. This was actually my second time seeing these guys. The first time was opening up for Betty Who in October. That show was my set aside, last minute, take a break from reality and just have fun night. I didn’t review it, but if I did, I would’ve raved about how good Joywave were. Now, co-headlining the Crystal with Big Data, I can rave even more.

I thought these guys were good at the Crystal, but they really brought it all for this show. Lead singer, Dan, walked the stage with power, and had the entire audience jumping and pumping their fists. It had to be one of the most fun shows I’ve been to. No joke. Joywave know how to please a crowd. And, with songs like “Somebody New” and “Tongues”, they know how to get one singing.

IMG_3708Big Data swooped into slot three as headliner number two. I was really interested to see his performance, as he really only has two songs released. The bigger of which, “Dangerous”, wouldn’t come until later. Worth the wait for sure.

The rest of Big Data’s performance showed hope that a full-length from him would be pretty rad. He has some good music, however, because nobody had heard it, the performance didn’t quite live up to what Joywave laid on us minutes before.

That aside though, had I known the songs, Big Data gave a solid and fun to watch performance. His music has a synthy vibe, but keeps a heavier beat to it. It’s fun, and gets you pumped for sure. The reason everyone seemed to be there though came very last.

Joywave returned to the stage, and one of the most awesome things to ever happen happened. Joywave and Big Data did “Dangerous” together!

Everyone seems to know “Dangerous”, yet another major song of 2014. It’s a jam of a tune, and I honestly have not gotten sick of it yet. I don’t know I ever will, especially after witnessing it live. There’s really not much to say, but just like any huge song to be sung live to you by both the artist and the collaborator, it was just a really fun experience. Definitely one everyone there can brag about having seen.

Overall, I’d have to say I’d return to see all three of these bands. Hustle and Drone for sure, Joywave whenever, and Big Data, hopefully on an album release tour. Really looking forward to some recorded material!

Day Six tomorrow will bring you the final installment in December to Remember reviews, and I won’t even bother saying who… (HINT: ∆)


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