London Grammar w/ Until The Ribbon Breaks – Concert Review

London Grammar w/ Until The Ribbon Breaks
Roseland Theater

IMG_5114A week ago, Portland was finally graced with the presence of London Grammar. After being postponed for almost a year, the English trio played a sold out set at the Roseland Theater.

Before the band played the night’s full set, they stopped in at the Skype Live Studio (formerly the Bing Lounge) to play a short set for Kink. Even without the full sound, Hannah Reid and the rest of LG sounded astounding! Their music really is the kind to give you goosebumps. It’s smooth, elegant, emotional, and slow. Beautiful is a good word to sum it up.

After this set, it was over to Roseland Theater for the full set later in the evening.

I had a bit of a crisis close to door time at this show. About an hour before they were to let people in, I realized my tickets had been stolen. Luckily, the staff at the Roseland were very helpful and understanding, and let us in for the show with an order confirmation. To the person that picked them out of my pocket, why? To the person who may have bought my tickets off said guy, hope you enjoyed the show! Moral of the story: don’t keep your tickets in your back pocket.

Anyways, once we were inside and crying tears of joy, opening act Until The Ribbon Breaks took the stage. UTRB are a very electro-vibey band. I hadn’t heard too much by them when we went in, however I was looking forward to seeing all they had up their sleeve.

The coolest thing about this set by far were the visuals. UTRB were backed by a projection screen, showing video footage shot to go along with the tracks. It was a really unique element to add to a live set. Apart from the visual aspect, the music itself was really cool! Incorporating electronic elements with guitar and even some rad trumpet solos from leading man Pete Lawrie-Winfield, UTRB’s music was something you could watch, dance to, and listen to all at once. Obviously had to grab their album on the way out.

However cool UTRB were, we were here for one thing: London Grammar. Originally booked for Wonder Ballroom back in March, a dental run-in prevented the band from performing. Then scheduled for November, further problems postponed the entirety of the tour to the beginning of 2015.  Finally, on February 6th, London Grammar made it to Portland for a long overdue set.

Opening up with their track, “Hey Now”, London Grammar had us from the very moment they stepped on stage. Watching and hearing them perform their art is an entrancing experience, especially when the full-scale production is implemented.

The lighting for this show consisted of several spotlights circling the stage. It gave a rustic look to the night, and provided a cool visual element to the performance. More lights of course were in place, flashing to the beat of Disclosure’s song, “Help Me Lose My Mind”, on which London Grammar perform.

“Help Me Lose My Mind” was probably the song I was most excited for, and left loving the most. It’s such a jam of a song, more of a dancer in London Grammar’s sea of soothing. It came in as the second half of a medley, attaching itself to “Flicker”. The lighting really was the topping on the cake.

Other highlight’s from London Grammar’s dazzler of a show include “Sights”, “Strong”, “Metal and Dust”, and of course, their most well known track, “Wasting My Young Years”, which had the whole crowd singing along.

Once again, I must acknowledge Roseland for being so helpful in my time of need, and to London Grammar, for finally making it to Portland, and not leaving anyone disappointed. See you with album two!


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