After the Tour: A Look Back on Hunter Hunted

Photo by Ashley Owings
Photo by Ashley Owings

Back in July, Hunter Hunted made a stop at Portland’s Hawthorne Theater for an energetic night of indie pop alongside Dreamers and local band Redcast

After about a month on the road, Young Rising Sons and Hunter Hunted just recently wrapped up their co-headlining North American Tour. Last month, Portland was treated to a date at the Hawthorne, but due to unfortunate circumstances, Young Rising Sons had to drop off the Portland date. Luckily, Hunter Hunted were there to save the day.

Coming up to the venue on that hot afternoon, a good amount of people were on site, looking forward to seeing Hunted Hunted and Dreamers hold their own. A couple of groups hadn’t gotten the memo of Young Rising Sons’ absence, opting to get their ticket refunded by the venue and head back home.

For those of us who stayed, we were treated to quite the show right off the bat, as soon as Redcast took the stage at 8:00. Not too many people were familiar with this local group, but after the set they delivered, their fan base had grown. Redcast gave us a set of solid original material, as well as the crowd favorite cover of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.”

From the murmur in the crowd, it seemed like many people were looking forward to seeing Dreamers. I personally hadn’t heard much from them, but after their set, I was thoroughly impressed. Dreamers sound brings images of classic 80s pop synth to mind, mixed with the indie pop rock both Hunter Hunted and Young Rising Sons perfect so well.

Aside from the YRS fans that made the unfortunate mistake of bailing, the crowd was completely psyched to see the night’s headliner, Hunter Hunted. Hunter Hunted was last in Portland opening up for Smallpools headline set at the Wonder. If that set was any measure of their capabilities as live performers, they were about to far surpass the bar they’d set.

Hunter Hunted’s secret weapon that had me absolutely captivated goes by the name of Morgan Paros. Incorporating live violin into Hunter Hunted’s indie pop created a stunning and very unique brand of music that grips you at the start. This aspect in sound iced with the energy brought to the stage in movement and crowd response made for a wholly unforgettable set that the entire room fell head-over-heels for.

Though the absence of Young Rising Sons didn’t go unnoticed, Portland was forever grateful Hunter Hunted took the time to play for us despite their tour mates circumstances. We hope their return will be swift.

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